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Best Passing Rate in Town !

Over 90+ TBCNA students have recently PASSED the State of Florida Board of Nursing CNA Exam this summer.

It does... Make A Difference...

where you study your CNA Skills.....

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Examination Preparation Classes

 (813) 333-5459

Walk Ins Welcome - Less than 40 Hours

CNA + PCT 1 + Med Tech + Book + Home Care & Hospice + 5 Hours Theories and Ethics Class online.

  Summer Special Price Only - $249

Many Center CHARGE EXTRA for PCT 1 and Med Tech we Include it all for ONE PRICE!

GED Not required if over 18+

Part 1 - Hands On Class 4 Days Tuesday & Thursday- 2 Weeks 5:30 PM to 8 PM


C N A  Classes for Florida

NEW Fast Track Friday

 1 Day Fast Track Every Other Friday 9 AM to 3 PM

 August 14th *OR* Aug 28th

1907 Tyrone Blvd St Petersburg Fl 33707 

Map Here   18+ GED Not Required


      3 Parts -  CNA Exam Prep Training

Choice 1 - 4 Days Tue /Thu 5:30 PM to 8 PM

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Attend the  Hands-On Clinical Skills Training Review the Clinical Skills   Home -Video Classroom Study 50 Vocabulary words.. Watch the 5 hour Theories Class on line .
  After you PASS the CNA Exam - You will do the Med Tech - Assistance with Self Administration of Medications on line at TampaBayCEUs.com  4 hours credit will be reported to CE Broker / Fl Board of Nursing for you.

All classes include our signature training manual, hands on training, Med Tech(4 hr)  Theories & Ethics (5 Hrs)

If you purchase the Hospital Package you will do PCT 2 AFTER you pass your CNA Exam.

  • All CNA classes Include:

    * Hands On Clinical Skills Lab Cass
    * Training Manual (Written by our Director)
    * Our Secrets - To Passing the Exam
    * Med Tech - Assist with Self-Admin of Meds
    * 5 Hours CNA Basics -Theories Ethics Class
    * Hospice Basics for CNA's
    * Home Health Care Basics for CNA's

    * Written Test Review - 50 Vocabulary Words
    * On Line Clinical Skills Review

    BONUS: Med Tech - Basic Theories - Ethics Class
    * Hospice & Home Care Prep Class

    * Our Guarantee - FREE Return if you FAIL your state exam. You CAN Do it!

    All classes include our signature training manual, hands on training, Med Tech(4 hr)  Theories & Ethics (5 Hrs)

  All CNA classes includes:

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) -

Clinical Skills Training
Skill 1 -  Hand Washing
Skill 2 - Enter Room
Skill 3 - Exit Room
Skill 4 - Change Position
Skill 5 - Brushing Teeth
Skill 6 - Denture Care
Skill 7 - Wheelchair
Skill 8 - Bed Making
Skill 9 - Upper ROM

Skill 10 - Lower ROM
Skill 11 - Bed Pan
Skill 12 - Partial Bed Bath
Skill 13 - Measure Urine
Skill 14 - Cather Cleaning
Skill 15 - Perinea Care
Skill 16 - Hand and Nails
Skill 17 - Feeding
Skill 18 - Pulse
Skill 19 - Respiration
Skill 20 - Foot Care
Skill 21 - Ambulation

  Good Body Mechanics
* Repertory Disorders
* Musculoskeletal System
* Integumentary System
* Mental Status Deficits
* Urinary Symptoms
* Dehydration

* Infection Control
* Bed Safety
* Communication
* Hands-On Clinical
* Written Test
* Training  "Secrets"
* 90 Days On-Line -


Most Centers charge from $30 to $60 per class on these Core Theories... we include them all!  Save over $450 for these Core Subjects CNA Basic Core Nursing Theories  

Elderly Abuse
Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia
Personal Protective Equipment
Ethics, HIPAA, Confidentiality
Infection Control Basics
Patient Communication
Blood Spills - Included
Postmortem Care
Body Mechanics
OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens  Hand Hygiene - Included
P.A.S.S - Fire Extinguisher -
5 Stages of Death -


Our Signature Training Manual Included with over 12 Years of our students successfully passing the test.

~Free~ On-Line Video Based ~Library~ Membership with CNA Skills REVIEW (90 Days) after you attend our Hands On Classes


National HealthCare Certification Presents our Gold Hospital Package

Advanced CNA + PCT 2 for Hospitals 

Best Value Package $379

The Best Priced Deal Around Tampa Bay

  Advanced Career Skills for working in a Hospital. CNA / PCT I / PCT II work in Hospitals - If you SURF the Hospital Jobs List you will notice the jobs ask for CNA / PCT  or CNA / PCT II These are ADDITIONAL Career Skills that are required for working in the Hospital .  This Package lays the foundation for becoming all three -  CNA / PCT I / PCT II working in a Hospital.

 How to use a Oxi-Meter SPO2

Basic Heart

Learn how to use a manual Blood Pressure Equipment

Learn HOW to hook up the EKG Monitor ECG 3,4, 5 and 10 Leads ECG


Learn How to Create a Sterile Field of Activity

Learn how to use an Electronic Tempter

 Learn HOW TO Insert
Balloon Catheter

How to Check Blood Glucose

Colostomy Care

Catheter Removal Care

All Sales Final - No Refunds -

Please Do NOT register if you are not going to attend the class.

Notice:  We accept Cash or Money Order at the training center  Or your can pay by Debit or Credit Care On Line Here.   Debit or Credit Card $10.00 Processing Fee is added  Walk Ins Welcome

Pre-Payment *NOT* Required

 Click Here to Pre-Register      

The on-line classroom platform is a Windows Media / Internet Explorer Based Program. 

  The term “examination preparation course” in the State of Florida means a course or program that does not offer to confer a diploma, degree or college credit.

ALL Certification of Skills Classes and /or Professional Development Skills Workshops and/or Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in the State of Florida from ANY training center does not confer a diploma, degree or college credit.

Certification of skills documentation and Continuing education units (CEU) documentation will be awarded upon successfully completion of the Gold Hospital Certification Programs. Continuing education units (CEU) are used to evaluate and measure participation in continuing education and learning activities.
Continuing education units (CEUs) are used to: 1. Satisfy employer documentation  2. Document Certification requirements 3. Document specific job-related skills CEU's are reported to CE Broker and applied to the State of Florida CNA license renewal. CEUs do not confer a diploma, degree or college credit.

The CNA Exam is is a Government Test.  Training Centers do NOT test you or issues any Certification for CNA.   There is ONLY ONE - State of Florida Test .  The SAME License / Certification State Wide  We will prepare you for both The Demonstration of Clinical Skills and the Written Test.

This class is less than 40 hour accelerated program to become Licensed / Certified by the Florida Board of Nursing.

We also offer over 250 APPROVED 2015 - In-Service CEUs for Licensed CNA's. Florida Board of Nursing Approved Continuing Education Provider #FBN2778

State of Florida Dept of Independent Studies NNC: Tampa Bay CNA, ID#: 4259 - Commission for Independent Education / Florida Department of Education

We are the Oldest CNA Exam Prep Training Center in Tampa Bay - First Established Arianna's Research, Training and Tutoring Services Inc -  A Florida Corporation Established March 11, 2004

All Sales Final - No Refunds

Please Do NOT register if you are not going to attend the class.

Important Notice: All prices are based on a complete package price and do not have a FACE VALUE INDIVIDUALLY. Therefore, we do not give refunds or discounts when parts of the PACKAGE of SERVICES are not required by the buyer. We do not give a credit, discount or cash refund for any part of the package not used by the student.




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